Renaissance Pattern Making
Learn to make Renaissance clothing patterns with confidence

Have you ever thought...

...fitting a mockup can be complex and confusing, and sometimes result in strange and drastic changes to the pattern.

...commercial patterns fit almost no one straight out of the envelope, and even the good commercially printed historical patterns require multiple adjustments and fittings to get them right.

...pattern drafting seems scary and difficult - even the word drafting sends chills down my spine!

Then you’re in the right place. I can help!

So what's included?

Five lessons that will teach you everything about making Renaissance patterns!

Want more? You got it!

Bonus Features

All students get access to:

  • Recommended Resources and Books List
  • Private Facebook Group for help with drafting and fitting issues - and general moral support when you need it!

Students who purchase the full course also get:

  • Personal support - for when the Facebook Group doesn't resolve your problem - via a private, one-on-one Skype call with your coach (me!)
  • Additional drafting videos, including:
    • 5 styles of shoulder and waist tabs
    • Baragoni and shoulder rolls
    • Lady's Surcoats, Zimarre, Spanish Mourning Gowns, and Men's Dutch Cloaks
  • Fitting videos with every lesson, showing you how to adjust for different types of fitting problems

You could spend $500 on books and months reading, testing, modifying, and combining different pattern drafting systems to work all the kinks out and get a pattern making system that works.


You could spend $120 or more on commercially produced historical clothing patterns for all of the garments included in this program, and still need to make significant adjustments and multiple fittings.


You could purchase more than a dozen custom-drafted garment patterns, that only fit one person, for between $10 and $25 each.


You could enroll now and learn the proven pattern making system that will produce individualized, well-fitting Renaissance garments easily, time and time again. The Renaissance Pattern Making Course is yours for only $175. And yes, you will have lifetime access to the course.

The Renaissance Pattern Making Course will walk you, step by step, through everything you need to know and do to make (and even how to fix!) your own, customized Renaissance clothing patterns.

Interested? Enrollment opens soon!

But who am I and why should you learn from me?

I'm Margaret Roe and I'm a serial historical costumer.

Over the past 20 years, I have constructed historical clothing - from the Romans to the Victorians - but Renaissance-era clothing will always be my passion. Like most of you, I started out with what patterns were on the market - and boy has the market grown since then! There is nothing wrong with working from commercial patterns. Over time, I became expert at modifying and fitting them to produce the exact silhouette I was after, but it still took lots of trial-and-error. So in 2002, I collected an arsenal of books on pattern drafting, pattern modifying, extant Renaissance clothing and period portraiture, and started learning to make my own patterns.

Since then, I've tweaked my pattern making into a streamlined system that produces beautiful, well-fitting garments for all shapes and sizes. I've been teaching this system for over 10 years to students with all levels of sewing skills, historical clothing interests and needs, and drawing skills. And now I've developed this course to make it available, online, to you too.

Best of all, you get to learn from all my mistakes without ever making them yourself!

Who is the Renaissance Pattern Making Course for?

If you dream of making that perfect Renaissance outfit for yourself that fits like a dream and wears like you were born in it...

If you make Renaissance garments for several people with different body types and want a system that fits everyone right...

If you’ve tried pattern drafting in the past and struggled with it, or took one look at it and ran for the hills...

Who is this course not for?

If you already have a pattern drafting system you know and love, you don’t need this system. You already have a system. And isn't it great?!

If you're just looking for a way to make the patterns you already own fit better, this system isn't for you. This system teaches you pattern-making from scratch so you won't need those commercial patterns anymore!

If you come to these courses with the attitude that this will never work for you, I probably can't help you learn this system. I've taught this system to all skill levels (even people who can't draw straight lines!), but I can't make you want to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price is for lifetime access, including all future updates, whether you purchase the full course or a single lesson. You take as long as you need to get through the lessons, though I encourage students to start as soon as they can because the sooner you start the sooner you realize it isn't as scary as we make it out to be!

Lessons covering groups of garments (smocks and shirts, bodices and doublets, many sleeve styles, etc.) are available in addition to the full course. Individual garment patterns are not sold separately.

Absolutely! Email us to apply this credit.

This program is currently being offered at a discounted introductory price, so we're not offering any additional discounts at this time.

The current price includes all future updates.

Ug. Abslutely not!

It may, depending on the period you are aiming to recreate. Email Margaret and let me know what era you want to recreate and I’ll let you know if this system can work for your needs. And who knows, maybe you’ll inspire me to develop a course for a new era!

If you still have questions, please Email Us.

It's time to take your Renaissance clothing to a whole new level!

Interested? Enrollment opens soon!

This program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find after trying this pattern drafting system that even with support it doesn't result in well-fitting Renaissance garments for you, we'll fully refund your money.